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About the Rural Exchange

The Rural Exchange provides an exciting new platform for people living and working across Scotland’s rural and island communities to have their voices heard in both research and policy-making.

Through the Rural Exchange the research team at SRUC would like to hear from you about the key issues affecting your everyday lives as households and businesses, what is working well in your community, and what could be improved.

We will build this information into our research to ensure that we take ‘grassroots’ views into account when developing recommendations for policy at local, regional and national levels. In this way, the Rural Exchange provides a new vehicle for the views and experiences of those across rural and island Scotland to be heard and to inform policy change, in particular through Scotland’s rural movement.

You can provide us with your ideas and suggestions at any time through our "Get Involved" button. It would be great if you could also respond to our regular polls, and let us know of any issues that we should be focusing on in future polls.

If you would like to contribute ideas, suggestions for articles or simply tell us a story about issues you have experienced living and working in rural Scotland, we would love to hear from you

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Articles and topics of interest relating to life and work in rural Scotland


What is NISRIE?

Project Lead Steven Thomson explains what NISRIE is and its aims and objectives (12 mins)

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electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles

EVs account for 20% of all new vehicles bought in 2021. We will explore EV use in rural Scotland

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What is the Rural Exchange?

Project Leader Jane Atterton offers insight into the Rural Exchange (10 mins)

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